Twice this week me & MJ attended Toddler Time at the San Antonio Public Library, once at Landa Library (my favorite place ever!) and once at Mission Library. MJ isn’t in day care, and doesn’t interact with kids her age much, so I was excited to take her to Toddler Time.  At Landa Library Toddler […]


While on the airport shuttle, heading home from a family vacay, I noticed a teenage boy with a cup of water with fruit stuffed in the middle. I’ve long said I was going to add more water into my daily diet, and looking at this boy’s water bottle, I knew that was the way I […]

I am on my feet a lot. As a prek teacher and mom to a busy 18 month old, when I came across a pair of shoes that said “made from real yoga mats” I decided to give them a try. After wearing my Sanuk sandals for one school day, I was sold. These casual […]

I’m a strong believer that exposure is one of the greatest methods of teaching young children. In my classroom not once have a ever shown a flash card or drilled a number chart or abc chart. For young children, I believe exposing them to letters and numbers through books, writing and environmental print is the […]


I interact with four year olds daily and to say they’re egocentric is putting it lightly. From day 1 in my classroom we’ve tried to teach them one of the PreK basics: sharing. My kids, for the most part, have become great sharers. Helping them learn this skill hasn’t been easy. It’s taken daily problem-solving, tears and […]

mj cloth 2

When I was pregnant, any time I mentioned that I was going to cloth diaper my baby I was surprising met with negativity. Friends and family couldn’t seem to understand why I’d choose to use cloth when disposables were so much easier and more convenient. It wasn’t often that I explained my reasons (environment, less […]

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A friend of mine recently visited Landa Library and recommended it to me. There’s a library by my house, I thought, but she explained that Landa Library is so much more than a public library. Hidden among the Historic District near downtown San Antonio, is a library with beautiful architecture, a children’s playground, and plenty […]


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