Cloth Diaper? We’ll See How Long That Lasts.

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When I was pregnant, any time I mentioned that I was going to cloth diaper my baby I was surprising met with negativity. Friends and family couldn’t seem to understand why I’d choose to use cloth when disposables were so much easier and more convenient. It wasn’t often that I explained my reasons (environment, less rashes, money, etc.), because well, it was my decision. Most people asked if I’d have a diaper service or wash at home. If you know anything about cloth diapering these days, you know that washing at home isn’t nearly as difficult, or gross, as people think.

From the beginning I planned on cloth diapering when I was home with baby, and using disposable while I was out. When MJ came home from the hospital I was strict about cloth, even when out and about. Unless she was with a relative for a few hours, she was in cloth every minute and I was proud of myself. When I went back to work when MJ was 8 months, I didn’t expect my hubby to continue cloth diapering with all of the other things he had going on (homeschooling our son, taking care of a baby, running a business, etc.), but he did for a while, and I was proud of him.

mj cloth

I’ve loved my experience with cloth, but I’ll admit that it was a bit overwhelming at first. There are so many different types of diapers (pockets, prefolds, All-in-Ones, g-diapers), detergents, wet bags, etc. It was a lot to learn, and I learned that for me, simplicity is best. Aside from the cuteness of the diapers,I love that cloth in general are all super soft and gentle on MJ’s sensitive skin. When I’m home, we often use cloth wipes with homemade solution as well, and coconut oil is a must for us at every change.

I remember someone saying “Cloth diaper? We’ll see how long that lasts.” Well, now MJ is 15 months and we still cloth diaper, although now part-time. Sometimes we g-diaper, sometimes prefolds and covers, and sometimes pockets, but I’ll admit that Huggies are on MJ more than I’d like. It works for us for now. Disposables are not eco-friendly and in my struggle to be more green I occasionally feel guilty about that, but in the busyness of life, I know that we have to do what works for us, and part-time is what works at this point.

On this day, in this moment, I’ll be content that I can sit back and smile at MJ running around the living room, barefoot and in her Charlie Banana.

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Tranquility Among the Trees

A friend of mine recently visited Landa Library and recommended it to me. There’s a library by my house, I thought, but she explained that Landa Library is so much more than a public library. Hidden among the Historic District near downtown San Antonio, is a library with beautiful architecture, a children’s playground, and plenty of trees and grassy area to enjoy.

MJ loves the outdoors,and now that she’s off and running, she explored the park until her little legs couldn’t go anymore, and she took an hour nap in her stroller. She found rocks and leaves and sticks, and ran and rolled in the grass. She did not seem at all interested in the play structures, She briefly played in at the toddler playscape, but was more interested in exploring.

moxie landa 2

Xander and my 13 year old niece, along with my friend’s tweens, enjoyed the park too. They climbed trees, competed to see who could go highest on the swings, and even played hide and seek. I knew MJ would enjoy it, but I was surprised how much fun the older kids had too.

Landa Library was, to my surprise, the best park I’ve visited since I can remember. While the older kids played and MJ napped, a friend and I got to sit on a park bench and chat while birds chirped and squirrels ran by us on their way to bury nuts. It was a peaceful, relaxing day and we’ll be visiting again very soon.

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She’s Asleep! Ready, Set, Go!

Mj is not much of a napper. She hasn’t been since the day we brought her home from the hospital. When she was about a month old my husband said “I thought babies were supposed to sleep all the time?” Not this one. We’ve tried it all – white noise, baths, calming lotions, massages – and I’ve come to accept that a one hour (sometimes we’re blessed with more) a day nap a day is all she’s going to take. We’re fortunate that she’s (mostly) slept through the night since about 4 months (the first 3 months of MJ’s life, she slept every moment on my chest, or my hubby’s thanks to some pretty severe reflux – now I miss that tiny baby sleeping on my chest). Most nights now, she sleeps through the night for at least 10 hours.

So when I’m home with her on the weekends or school holidays, the race is on the second she shuts her eyes. I frantically move from room to room, putting away clothes, toys, washing dishes, and straightening up until I hear her cry or squriming around. Then time is up, and that’s ok. I’m at work, with other children Monday-Friday, for 8 hours a day, so I cherish the time I get to spend with my baby girl. The benefit of having a second child when the first is 11 years old, is that I remember when Xander was a baby, but that was so, so long ago, that sadly some of those memories have become fuzzy, and I don’t want these new memories be memories so quickly. Two children so far in age allows me the best of both worlds, and I want to be present in all of their moments.

My home will never be spotless, I can accept that. I’ll step over a few toys so I don’t miss any firsts, or lasts with my babies.

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Goat Milk Benefits For Your Skin


Goat’s milk is good for your skin? Who knew?

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There are so many benefits of Goat’s milk to your skin, Here are 5 Fabulous Reasons: Goat milk is full of nutrients and vitamins like: vitamin A {known to repair damaged tissue and reduce wrinkles.} Vitamin D { One of the most important purposes of this vitamin are regulating the absorption of calcium and phosphorous, and facilitating normal immune system function.} Vitamin C { plays an important role in maintaining healthy, resilient skin.} Vitamin B 12 { helps to treat eczema.}

Goat Milk contains lactic acid, alpha hydroxy acid which helps breakdown dead skin cells and

Goats Milk Benefits Acne, Rosacea, Eczema Hand Crafted Shea Butter Goat Milk Soap Double Poured Thick Layers Scented Oatmeal Bar Goats Milk Benefits Acne, Rosacea, Eczema Hand Crafted Shea Butter Goat Milk Soap Double Poured Thick Layers Scented Oatmeal Bar

Goatsmilk Oatmeal Aloevera Fruit Blend Face Mask Custom Beauty Mask 11 surprising ways to use oatmeal Goatsmilk Oatmeal Aloevera Fruit Blend Face Mask Custom Beauty Mask 11 surprising ways to use oatmeal

Moisturizing Bath Cupcake Whipped Soap Pomegranate Soap Cupcake With Vanilla Pomegranate Soap Shape Moisturizing Bath Cupcake Whipped Soap Pomegranate Soap Cupcake With Vanilla Pomegranate Soap Shape

allows the skin to naturally rejuvenate.


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Benefits of Goat Milk Vs Cow Milk


Interesting info & links on goat’s milk.

Originally posted on Firestone Creek Farm:

2013-07-21 16.31.40

I am taking courses to become an herbalist, and I’m currently studying information about milk–especially related to breastfeeding and drinking of milk after weaning. In the US, we drink a lot of milk, but much of it comes from Holstein and Friesian cows that are known to have A1 beta-casein profiles; A1 beta-casein is a genetic mutation where the 67th amino

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The Decision to Homeschool

I haven’t advertised the fact that In August we made the decision to homeschool my son. I haven’t kept it a secret either. I’ve mentioned it in conversations or when people ask where my son attends school, but I have to admit that I’m only now not reluctant to admit it. I’m not sure why. I’m confident in our decision to homeschool, and for the most part, I couldn’t care less what people think, but I am fully aware of the stigma attached to homeschooling.

My husband and I had talked about homeschooling off and on for a while, always thinking, maybe we’d do it someday. Someday came when Xander was approaching middle school. Middle school is tough; I’m sure we can all remember those difficult transition years, but that wasn’t our reason behind the decision. You see, as a teacher, I can’t help but to be a tough critic of other teachers. I truly believe that the majority of teachers do the best they possibly can for each student who enters their classroom, but experience has shown me that that’s not always the case. I’ve worked with teachers who didn’t put every bit of energy into their school day, and unfortunately, my son has been a student in those same types of classrooms. I clearly remember sitting across from a teacher in a parent-conference and realzing by the teacher’s vague comments how little she really knew about my child. A different teacher, a different year, in yet another conference, talked about my son’s lack of focus (yup, I’d known that since his 3rd birthday). She said sometimes he sat daydreaming for nearly an hour, without working. She explained that she had 22 other students and did not have time to redirect him, so he needed to learn to stay focused.

I could go on with our negative experiences, but let’s fast forward to Summer 2014. I’m a teacher by nature. Whether it’s teaching adults or pre-k kids, or my own kiddos, it’s what I do, but giving up my full-time teaching position was not an option for me. I’m so very lucky to have a husband who stepped up wanted to homeschool my son. I’ll admit I was reluctant, but he was not. “I Can Do It” he confidently told me. With help from a friend, lots of research, and a 30 minute Homeschool Information Session, our decision was made and we jumped right in. It hasn’t been easy, not by a longshot, but after 6 months we’re confident that this is what is best for our son. It’s been lots of trial and error, and lots of worrying that we’re not getting it right, but I’ve come to realize that those worries will always be lingering. I worry constantly that I’m not doing the very best for my children, and I have the same worries in the classroom when it comes to my students, but age and experience have taught me that those worries are not a bad thing – they keep me striving to be better.

Our days are long and stressful. I spend my day with a group of rambunctious four and 5 year olds, come home to a 14 month old who has an endless amount of energy, and a son often wanting my help with a lesson from the day. My hubby spends his days chasing MJ around, teaching Xander, and running a business. We’re tired, but we’re content.

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Stingrays, Iguanas and Snakes, Oh My!

From farm animals to sea life, we’ve seen quite a few animals in the past few days. The San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo was full of the usual livestock that we enjoy seeing, but our newest adventure was to the new San Antonio Aquarium – Sea to Believe. The kids and I were invited to a birthday party and were excited to check out the new aquarium, and visit with old friends.

The entrance provided seating and an area where kids were running through the area, but we quickly walked past it, as we were already very late (surprise, surprise). Once we passed the long, long line, we headed straight to the crowded party room to visit with friends and the birthday honoree. A pirate walked around the party room and allowed kids to pet his iguana.

As we began to explore the aquarium I realized I’d made one major mistake. You see, the floors are concrete and there are small, rock-like steps in front of the glass to the aquariums. MJ was in a dress and quickly scraped her knees as she knelt to see the stingrays. If you have little ones, pants are a must! MJ and the older kids loved the stingray pool. MJ watched them swim through the glass and the older kids reached their hands in to touch them as they swam by.

The snakes were also a favorite for MJ. I think they were as attracted to her as she was to them, as each snake approached the glass when she got near. To follow was a pool of sharks, a very low aquarium with koi fish (so low that MJ could reach in – scary!), a tortoise, and birds. We heard there was an octopus but apparently we missed it. We considered going back to find it, but were tired and ready to go at that point -did I mention there were fans on and doors open, but no apparent ac running? Maybe this is the norm for aquariums, but it was a bit humid and stuffy for us. We exited through the gift shop where tired, sweaty kids begged for pricey toys.

While the aquarium was nice enough, we’ll be occasional visitors, but definitely not season pass holders. It was a bit too random for me. Moonbounces, kiddie rooms where kids write on chalkboard walls, and giant inflatable basketballs seemed a bit out of place. However, MJ was amazed by the stringrays, so that alone is reason enough to go back. Oh, and celebrating with wonderful friends is always a plus.

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I Spend How Much Time on That?

I spend way more time than I should thinking about where all my time goes. Obviously, we all have the same 168 hours per week, so why does it feel like I have so much less?

I spend a lot of time feeling guilty that I don’t have enough quality time with family. Don’t get me wrong, my evenings are spent reading “Llama llama” to a restless 14 month old, talking with my hubby, trying to get my 12 year old to spend time with us, and occasionally squeezing in an episode on HGTV. But that evening time with family passes so quickly, and then I’m planning for the next day’s school lessons, meals, clothes, packing bags, etc.

We don’t always get outdoors everyday like I’d like, but this week, we’re starting with this change.  Before the sun goes down each day, whether they like it or not,  we’re starting family outdoor time. I think we’ll start by taking a walk before the Texas heat gets to be too much. I’m hoping a little added quality time will do us all some good, and ease a little guilt on my end.

Pics coming soon…

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May I Borrow Your Goat?

Anyone I talk with on a regular basis has probably grown tired of listening to me talk about my great milk debate, but hopefully that subject can be laid to rest for a while now.
As an infant, MJ tried nearly every formula ever sold before settling on Gerber Soothe (it was the only formula that stopped her constant fussiness and projectile vomiting). When she turned a year old I hoped the transition to whole cow’s milk would be an easy one, but sadly that was not the case. From whole milk to graduate formulas to lactose-free (I refused to try the soy), nothing seemed to agree with MJ. After another visit to her office, the pediatrician suggested to cut down milk altogether. I was worried. How will she get all of the nutrition she needs? How will she get enough calcium? Will her teeth ever come in? I’m sure my kids at school drink milk several times a day for a reason. I began researching more on my own (Dr. Google to the rescue).
All of my research kept leading me back to goat’s milk. I was hesitant, but was ready to try anything. Initially all I could find was condensed milk or powdered milk, and I quickly bought them both. MJ took one drink and threw the cup at me. I have to admit it was awful. Then a wonderful coworker brought me a quart of Myenberg liquid goat’s milk she found, and it’s been smooth-sailing ever since.
Now I know where to easily find Meyenberg Goat’s Milk and it’s in my fridge at all times. If it weren’t $4.50 a quart all would be perfect, but it’s a price I’m willing to pay for a happy, healthy baby. For now, I have a happy baby who still gets the vitamins and nutrients she needs from milk, now I just need to invest in a goat, or make friends with a farmer.

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