I Spend How Much Time on That?

I spend way more time than I should thinking about where all my time goes. Obviously, we all have the same 168 hours per week, so why does it feel like I have so much less?

I spend a lot of time feeling guilty that I don’t have enough quality time with family. Don’t get me wrong, my evenings are spent reading “Llama llama” to a restless 14 month old, talking with my hubby, trying to get my 12 year old to spend time with us, and occasionally squeezing in an episode on HGTV. But that evening time with family passes so quickly, and then I’m planning for the next day’s school lessons, meals, clothes, packing bags, etc.

We don’t always get outdoors everyday like I’d like, but this week, we’re starting with this change.  Before the sun goes down each day, whether they like it or not,  we’re starting family outdoor time. I think we’ll start by taking a walk before the Texas heat gets to be too much. I’m hoping a little added quality time will do us all some good, and ease a little guilt on my end.

Pics coming soon…