Stingrays, Iguanas and Snakes, Oh My!

From farm animals to sea life, we’ve seen quite a few animals in the past few days. The San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo was full of the usual livestock that we enjoy seeing, but our newest adventure was to the new San Antonio Aquarium – Sea to Believe. The kids and I were invited to a birthday party and were excited to check out the new aquarium, and visit with old friends.

The entrance provided seating and an area where kids were running through the area, but we quickly walked past it, as we were already very late (surprise, surprise). Once we passed the long, long line, we headed straight to the crowded party room to visit with friends and the birthday honoree. A pirate walked around the party room and allowed kids to pet his iguana.

As we began to explore the aquarium I realized I’d made one major mistake. You see, the floors are concrete and there are small, rock-like steps in front of the glass to the aquariums. MJ was in a dress and quickly scraped her knees as she knelt to see the stingrays. If you have little ones, pants are a must! MJ and the older kids loved the stingray pool. MJ watched them swim through the glass and the older kids reached their hands in to touch them as they swam by.

The snakes were also a favorite for MJ. I think they were as attracted to her as she was to them, as each snake approached the glass when she got near. To follow was a pool of sharks, a very low aquarium with koi fish (so low that MJ could reach in – scary!), a tortoise, and birds. We heard there was an octopus but apparently we missed it. We considered going back to find it, but were tired and ready to go at that point -did I mention there were fans on and doors open, but no apparent ac running? Maybe this is the norm for aquariums, but it was a bit humid and stuffy for us. We exited through the gift shop where tired, sweaty kids begged for pricey toys.

While the aquarium was nice enough, we’ll be occasional visitors, but definitely not season pass holders. It was a bit too random for me. Moonbounces, kiddie rooms where kids write on chalkboard walls, and giant inflatable basketballs seemed a bit out of place. However, MJ was amazed by the stringrays, so that alone is reason enough to go back. Oh, and celebrating with wonderful friends is always a plus.