Sanuk: My Latest Obsession

I am on my feet a lot. As a prek teacher and mom to a busy 18 month old, when I came across a pair of shoes that said “made from real yoga mats” I decided to give them a try. After wearing my Sanuk sandals for one school day, I was sold. These casual sandals left me comfortable after a full school day with 18 four and five year old students, and a trip to the grocery store after work.

That same evening I got online and ordered 2 more pairs. I’m now up to 7 pairs of Sanuk sandals, some sandals (slings) that I wear with shorts or dresses, and some are flip flops.

I fell in love with Sanuk shoes because of their comfort, but as a wannabe hippy, I love what sanuk stands for. Sanuk is the Thai word for fun, and a quick glance at their website will likely convince you that “smile…pass it on” is part of their mission. “Sanuk is a way of life” according to their site, and aside from the providing comfortable shoes, the company also does community outreach and partners with charitable organizations to pass on their message.

I love everything about both the shoes and the brand, and while I’m pretty stocked on sandals for the summer, I can’t wait to try their sandal-shoe hybrids and flats for the fall.