A Glass of Freshness

While on the airport shuttle, heading home from a family vacay, I noticed a teenage boy with a cup of water with fruit stuffed in the middle. I’ve long said I was going to add more water into my daily diet, and looking at this boy’s water bottle, I knew that was the way I was going to do it. 

Those thoughts left my head for a few days, and when they returned I rushed to the refrigerator, intent on infusing some water to drink the following day. MJ would like to be on an all-strawberry diet, so we have strawberries on hand at all times. I cut up a few strawberries and stuffed them into a glass.  The following morning I was pleased with the results and decided to add a bit of mint. 

A few cut up strawberries and a bit of mint added to water in a mason jar turned out fabulous and is currently my favorite drink. It’s so fresh and so simple to make!

 I’ve since googled other infused water recipes and found a ton I’m so excited to try!