Toddler Time at the Library

Twice this week me & MJ attended Toddler Time at the San Antonio Public Library, once at Landa Library (my favorite place ever!) and once at Mission Library. MJ isn’t in day care, and doesn’t interact with kids her age much, so I was excited to take her to Toddler Time. 

At Landa Library Toddler Time is held Tuesdays at 11:00am. Anyone who knows me knows I run late (I really am working on it though), and although I tried so hard to arrive early, we pulled in to the parking lot at 11:00 on the dot. We rushed in and got a seat. The teacher had already begun reading a small board book. Throughout Toddler Time, she read a book, then sang a song with movements that engaged the children. During the first book, MJ clung to my shirt, but by the first song she was up and dancing. Throughout the brief 40 minutes, she clapped, jumped, danced, and shook her egg shaker that was provided to all of the toddlers. I was disappointed when it was over. As a Prek teacher I know first hand how difficult it is to keep young children engaged, but the teacher did such a great job with her songs and lively reading that all of the kids seemed happy to interact. When it was over, we headed outside to the playground until the mosquitoes forced us out. 

Mission Library was similar, except there were more older children, which I was a bit disappointed about. It left less time for the toddlers to interact, but it was still a similar experience. Mission’s Toddler Time, held on Wednesdays at 11:15am, had a rainbow theme this week, and the children listened to 2 books about rainbows and then a small craft to make a rainbow from a paper plate and streamers was provided. 

Landa Library Toddler Time will be on my schedule for the remaining Tuesdays this summer. I’m so glad the San Antonio Public Library offers this free service for toddlers, and I’m glad for the opportunity for MJ to interact with a group of children her age.