Kermie was right – It Ain’t Easy Being Green

I have a friend who says I’m 1/16% hippie. I’ve wanted to bump up that percentage for some time now. I burn incense and use essential oils, believe in the law of attraction and majored in Psych, and I love a good Bob Marley track, so I do believe I’ve got some hippie in me, but I’m not nearly as earth-friendly as I should be (and I think thats a huge part). When I was pregnant I decided it was time to get serious about being more eco-friendly. Well, MJ is now 18 months, and while I’m not yet where I’d like to be, my eco-friendliness is a constant work in progress. 

At my recent Adventurecon outing, Sea World encouraged reducing and recycling, and I took it as a sign that it was finally time to get serious. They even gave me two reusable shopping bags, which I knew just what I’d do with.  

Ever since that blue recycle bin showed up at my house (I can’t quite remember when that was), I’ve been an avid recycler, and it bothers me probably more than it should when I see others not recycling (just ask my hubby or teaching assistant). I reuse (I love a good thrift store). I cloth diapered religiously for about 9 months and cloth diaper part-time now, and I try as often as I can to use cloth wipes. I made baby food with organic fruits and veggies and I do lots of little things on a daily basis in my quest to be more green, but oh how right kermie was when he said “it’s not easy being green.” 

So in my effort to be a friend to the environment, I’m taking baby steps, a few at a time, but I’m really going to hit these few hard. I promise. These are the 3 I’m starting with (and hope you’ll follow suit). 

1. Bottled Water

I’ve been buying bottled water since I began grocery shopping. Years ago I got pretty hard-core about not having sodas in the house, so I replaced the sodas with bottled waters, and I’ve bought them ever since. We’ve always recycled, so I figured I was doing my part, but only now I am realizing we should be using all of those reusable water bottles we’ve collected over the years. So, on my last trip to HEB I bought a filtered water pitcher, so we can finally start to ditch the bottles. 

2. Those Plastic Bags!

I have several of those reusable shopping bags, but I forget to take them to the grocery store EVERY TIME! How to fix this? I think trying to keep them in my car will be a good start. Also, I need to start taking advantage of Target’s 5cents off your purchase for every one of their bags that you reuse. Did you know they did that? 

3. Turn Off/Unplug (Almost) Everything

Our chargers, the many we have, are plugged in all the time. We never unplug them. While at work, running errands, etc., they’re plugged in. No more! I’m going to make a conscious effort to unplug chargers and small alliances (coffee pot, toaster, etc.) as soon as we’re done using them. Hopefully this will help my wallet as well. 

Like I said, baby steps. I’ll keep you posted on how my family adapts.