Adventurecon15: My First Official Event as a Blogger

As a teacher, I try to pack in as many summer outings as possible. It’s sometimes exhausting, but well worth it. A few weeks ago I a was invited by my good friend and fellow blogger, A Thrifty Diva, to Sea World’s Adventurecon15. 

Adventurecon was truly adventurous and lasted 3 fun-filled days. 

Day 1: My family and I were invited to the Westover Hills Marriott Courtyard to recieve free goodies (yay!), pick up our vouchers for Sea World fun cards, visit with Shamu, and grab some food and drinks.  So that we wouldn’t have to wait the next day, my family and I hopped aboard the Mariott’s free shuttle to Sea World. What a great service! The shuttle runs daily and takes hotel guests right up to the front entrance of the park. We picked up our fun cards, meal vouchers, parking passes, Quick Queue cards, which were all provided to Adventurecon attendees. 

Day 2: The 2nd day was filled with presentations by experienced bloggers who excitedly shared their expertise. All of the info was overwhelming for me, a brand new blogger, and I’m still trying to sort through my notes and figure it all out. All of the speakers were incredibly knowledgeable and had great advice to give and stories to share. While the bloggers were conferencing, Sea World hosted the families at the park. At the end of the conferences, bloggers joined our families at Sea World for a fun show at Sea Lion Stadium, and we were treated to close-ups with the animals and trainers afterward. We then used our meal passes and enjoyed the rest of the evening at the park. MJ loved the fountain!


Day 3: We got an early start on Sunday
 and entered the park before it opened to attend an exclusive Trainer Talk at Beluga Stadium. The talk included lots of info about the whales and more close encounters. We then were invited behind the scenes for a tour where my family and I got to touch a baby shark, stingrays, and get up close with the dolphins. 

After the tour we enjoyed some barbecue, with our meal cards, at Shamu’s Smokehouse and then admired the pengiuns, other sea animals, and alligators. I was worried there wouldn’t be much for my 18 month old to participate in, but she loved the splashpad at the Bay of Play and we stayed quite a while because she didn’t want to leave. 


We met one last time with Sea World representatives, who filled us in on Sea World’s Reuse, Recycle and Learn initiative, and gave us reusable shopping bags (more free stuff!). 
I look forward to returning to the park with my family and friends to use our fun cards and see all of the shows we didn’t have time to see, ride some rides, and experience Aquatica. One weekend wasn’t nearly enough to explore everything Sea World San Antonio has to offer.