Great Toddler Toys For Almost Free!

I’ll admit, MJ has a lot of toys. Her birthday is so close to Christmas that she got an abundance of toys all at one time and we struggled to find a place for them all. While she enjoys many of her toys, I’ve found that many of her favorites are ones that I already had around the house. 

These are some great “toys” that will cost you next to nothing, and your little one will love:

1. Old Electronics

As a Prek teacher I learned that kids like “real” objects. MJ now has many of the same items I have in my classroom: old tv remotes and video game remotes, a computer keyboard with the cord cut off (she types while I’m on my laptop), old cellphones, etc. Kids love to imitate what they see, and in my experience, tend to prefer the “real” items they see grownups using.

2. Boxes and Bags

You know when your kid gets a gift and they’re more interested in the box it came in? I’m sure every parent has experienced it. Kids love boxes. They love to put things in and then take them out, stack them, color on them, and play in them.

The same goes with bags. MJ now carries around one of my old purses. I save the paper credit cards from offers that come in the mail and she puts them in her purse, along with other random items. 

3. Kitchenware

MJ loves to spend time in the kitchen. While she has her own tiny kitchen, she loves to spend time crawling inside our cabinets, and playing with spatulas, spoons, Tupperware and pots. Most of all, she loves the whisk. 

4. Balls

A few months ago we visited my grandfather during his physical therapy. MJ played the entire time with a beach ball (see below). Any ball, big or small, soft or hard, bouncy or not, she loves. 

5. Hats
From baseball caps to cowboy hats to beanies and bunny ears, MJ loves to wear things on her head. My Prek kids do too. They love to dress up as well, as I’m sure MJ will in a few years. 

I’m proud of myself for not buying any of the cute baby/toddler toys I’ve seen in the stores lately. For now, we’ve got all we need with items around the house that MJ loves to “pretend” and “create” with.