Doseum: Your Kids, and You, Will Love It

When Xander was younger, we were fans of the San Antonio Children’s Museum, and I’ve enjoyed many Prek field trips there as well. With the closing of the San Antonio Children’s Museum and the opening of the new Doseum, I’ve been looking forward to exploring the new additions. 

The Doseum is huge! Upon arrival we were overwhelmed at everything there was to see. With a 19 month old and 12 year old, their interests are expectedly pretty vast, but both kids truly enjoyed themselves, as did my husband and I. 

While everything was so fun and entertaining, we did have a few favorite areas where the bulk of our time was spent. 

Imagine It! 

We passed through the light tunnel and spent some time in the “Stick Up a Story” area. MJ enjoyed moving around the magnetic words. What a great activity for my prek kiddos! The area also included different literacy-related activities, a reading nook, and a small recording studio area, where Xander and I recorded messages and then played them back aloud. 


Spy Academy

My hubby and Xander enjoyed the disguises and spy gear at the Spy Academy. It was a perfect area to learn about clothes line codes and clues while MJ  had a blast across the way at Little Town. Great for all ages, but especially for kids about 8 years and up. 

Little Town

A truly fun town for children 5 and under. A limited amount of children are allowed in Little Town at a time, which was great. I know first hand that small children in a crowded area often leads to injuries. Little Town includes an HEB, a construction area, a car wash, a small airport area with a conveyer belt and airplane, a baby area, a veterinary clinic, an outdoor area, and so much more! MJ loved driving the Little Tikes Truck around the road and through the car wash. 

Sensations Studio

The Sensation Studio was full of light and sound activities for all ages. Every bit of the studio was engaging, from the building toys and light tables to mirrors and instruments, and even the fiber optic cables hanging on the entry way. Xander enjoyed the laser maze while Moxie was amazed by the light cords changing colors. 

One of MJs favorites was the table with dinosaurs and small trees that projected shadows on the wall.  The shadows intrigued her. 
Power Ball Hall
This enjoyable ball area was at the San Antonio Children’s Museum and I’m so glad it’s now at the Doseum. This area was crowded with little tikes who experimented with pulleys, blowers and launchers. Colored balls were everywhere and every child was excited, as was MJ. We spent quite a bit of time in the ball area while Xander played in the Robotics Area. 


The Robotics Area is great for older kids, but littles will have fun too. My kids played with dominoes, gears, and robots. 


During our visit we also played in the wind tunnel, explored the maps and models upstairs and played with so many manipulative but there was still so much more to do. We didn’t even make it to the outdoor area! A membership will definitely be worth the money, as there is more to see and do that can possibly be accomplished in just one trip. I can’t wait for this to be a homeschool field trip for my children, as well as a field trip for my Prek kids!