Love Stuffed Crust Pizza? Head Over to Cici’s! 

I’ll admit that I hadn’t been to a Cici’s Pizza in several years until my visit a few days ago. The Cici’s nearest to us closed and we never sought out another location. 

I’m so glad me and Xander ventured over to the Cici’s Pizza on West Loop 1604 North. It was well worth the drive! 

We attended a Cici’s sponsored event where we were educated on exactly how their new Unlimited Stuffed Crust Pizza is made, got to make the pizza ourselves with fresh ingredients, and try their new Fiery Mango Tango Pizza. Everything was wonderful! They even have a new, even fresher salad bar with lots to choose from. 


A Cici’s employee demonstrated how to roll the mozzarella string cheese into the crust of the dough. I then prepared the rest of the pizza. To begin, I spread marinara sauce over the drag dough, topped with 4 ounces of shredded cheese, and then strategically placed 20 slices of pepperoni on top. A shake of Cici’s Italian Seasoning was then shook over the pizza, and then garlic butter applied to the crust. 


Cici’s now also offers the Fiery Mango Tango Dessert Pizza. The pizza includes a combination of mango and jalepenos and was recently featured on The Food Network.

The restaurant also looked much different than I remembered. It was updated and fresh and the food prep area is visible to customers. They even have an arcade with games for different age ranges. 

I was impressed with the new look of Cici’s and all of the fresh ingredients they use, so much so that we’re headed back today for lunch! 

*This post is made in connection with a CiCi’s Promotion as well as part of an entry into a contest #Ad.