Goat Milk Recipe: Banana Milk Shake

We’ve had goat milk in the house for some time now; it’s all MJ drinks. She began drinking goat’s milk at about a year old after her little tummy couldn’t tolerate cow’s milk or lactose-free milk (read about our journey to goat milk here). 

MJ drinks Meyenberg Goat Milk exclusively and since discovering recipes on their site I’ve wanted to experiment, but I hadn’t found the time until now. I decided to start simple with a milk shake recipe from the Meyenberg site (click here to see it). It only called for a few simple ingredients and only a few minutes to prepare – Perfect! 

Banana Milk Shake


1 cup MEYENBERG evaporated goat milk     

1 ripe banana

1 tbsp honey, sugar or equivalent sweetener (I used Splenda and a bit of honey)

1 thin slice lemon

2 cups ice

Toss all incredible into a blender (I used the Baby Bullet) and blend until smooth. 

The Results

I was pleasantly surprised with the results. I wasn’t sure if I’d like a milk shake made with goat milk, but it was delicious. It was really sweet (I may have overdone it by using both Splenda and honey)! 


Meyenberg has snack, dessert, and entree recipes that include goat milk on their site. Because this banana milk shake was so yummy, I’m eager to try more recipes that include goat milk. 

According to their site, cooking with goat milk is ideal for mothers who want a real milk alternative for their cow milk or soy sensitive children, goat’s  milk is easy to digest, and it is higher in calcium, vitamins A & B, and potassium than cow’s milk.

Read more about goat milk and its health benefits here or at Meyenberg.com.