Essential Oil Jewelry: How I’ve Maintained My Sanity This Week

It’s no secret that I like for my space to smell good. From incense to candles to scentsy plug-ins, I enjoy them all. At Christmas I received an essential oil diffuser as a gift, and since then, I’ve utilized essential oils on a daily basis. 

Even before diffusing oils in my home, I occasionally used them for different purposes (lavender for calming, peppermint for my frequent headaches, and a few drops of thieves in coconut oil on MJ and Xander for preventative measures). While I utilized essential oils, I used them pretty infrequently. However, once I started diffusing I was hooked and wanted to see how I bring more essential oils into my daily life. 

Enter BeeInspiredShoppe. This Etsy-based shop specializes in aromatherapy gifts and jewelry and offers certified pure therapeutic-grade essential oils. Browsing through the shop you will find oil-diffusing necklaces and other jewelry. I’m not much of a necklace-wearer, but for the benefit of the essential oils, I was willing to give it a try. 

After receiving my inexpensive necklace with Serenity Oil (which contains lavender and ylang ylang) and Balance Oil (which contains spruce), I quickly placed a drop on the felt piece to insert into the locket. I also placed a drop on the premium leather nape diffuser, after googling the benefits of essential oils on the base of the neck. Read a little about the benefits of peppermint oil on the neck here.

Premium Leather Nape Diffuser-Photo courtsey of BeeInspired

I’ve worn my essential oil necklace this entire week, and often lifted it to my nose to take a whiff of the different scents of oils I’ve added to it. This week, the last week of prepping the classroom and school before students arrive, is a stressful time for teachers. Add in preparing this year’s homeschool lessons for Xander, chasing around MJ, maintaining the house, helping hubby with the business, and it can be a bit overwhelming. Well, more than just a bit. I’ve been glad I received my essential oil necklace when I did. It’s helped maintain my sanity this week. Read about one of my other ways of maintaining my sanity on the blog next week. 

I’m so glad I discovered the BeeInspiredShoppe. For now, I have the locket with nape diffuser, but the shop has so many other aromatherapy and essential oil jewelry items in different styles that I’m eager to try! The shop also carries doTerra essential oils and organic herbs, among a variety of other items. 

Photo courtesy of BeeInspired

Prices are pretty inexpensive. My necklace is priced at $13 and includes the locket necklace with leather nape diffuser, dōTERRA CPTG essential oil, and premium hand-cut, thick, eco-friendly, all natural diffuser pads. If you’ve used oils, you know a little goes a long way! Shipping for most of their items is only $2.89, and shipping can be combined. BeeInspiredShoppe is
also offering a 10% discount to my readers by entering AUG10 at checkout. 

In a previous blog I wrote about my quest to become more Eco-friendly (read it here) and for me, being kind to the earth and being kind to my body by utilizing more natural remedies, go hand in hand. I’m so glad I discovered BeeInspiredShoppe and I’m now able to keep oils close in a fashionable, yet subtle way. 

Need to place an oil order? Order under member #3168937 at

*Disclaimer: I was given a complementary necklace in exchange for this post. All opinions are honest and my own.