Clear Your Mind: A Journey to Meditation

Over the last few years my focus and outlook on life have changed. Maybe it’s age, maybe maturity, maybe the near-death experience, maybe having a second child. Regardless of how it came about, I see things differently than I did before. I’ve tried to be kinder to the earth, kinder to and more tolerant of others, and kinder to myself (I’m definitely my harshest critic). A sense of peace and acceptance has come to my life. I’ll never stop striving to be better, but I’m at peace with who I am and what I have. I’m appreciative for supportive family and friends and a job I love, and all of the necessities that we tend to take for granted. I’ve rid my home home of tons of items that I thought I needed, but then realized were just taking up space in my home and life. 

Clear Your Mind

I can be a bit of an internal worrier, but as quickly as worry overcomes me, it passes too. I tell myself that everything that has happened, every experience I’ve had, had led me to this moment, and I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be.  At the end of the day though, my mind is not always as clear as I wish it were. The busy-ness of my days wear at me, and I find myself juggling it all (as we all do) and I’ve wondered if I can somehow better focus and clear my mind. 

I’ve wanted to practice meditation for a while now, but I didn’t know quite how to get started, so I put it off. Although I’ve wanted to begin meditating, I wanted my family to be part of this journey as well. Xander has always had a difficult time focusing, as do many of my students, and I’ve wondered how I could bring meditation in to our home life, and then perhaps my classroom. 

Meditation, My Friend

In my search for help on how/where to begin this new experience, I stumbled upon a book called Meditation, My Friend by Betsey Thomson. The book is described as “meditation for kids and beginners of all ages.” I was eager to read it and learn tips on how to get started.  

Meditation, My Friend is written through the voice of Mitchell Hoffsteader who suffers from “Restless Brain Syndrome.”  Through the book, Mitchell chronicles his journey learning of, and practicing the art of meditation. The book gives simple meditation instructions that older children can easily follow and offers a section on fun things to do with meditation. 

The book helped me get started, and further research and YouTube have helped deepen my knowledge. We are now ready to take the journey into family meditation, which will hopefully bring us all more peace and acceptance, while bringing up closer as a family. It is my hope that this new practice will help clear our minds and gain better focus. I am making a personal commitment to ease into meditation, and get my family involved, and then begin meditation with my classroom family as well. I’m currently working out the logistics and will keep you posted on our journey. 

Part 2 coming soon.