Cleaning with Essentials Oils: Natural Flower Power

My grandmother cleaned everything with vinegar, and for a while now I’ve done the same. I mix vinegar with Dawn and clean everything from the kitchen counters to the shower with it. As I’m sure you know, vinegar is not the most pleasant smell, and every member of my household expresses their displeasure with the scent each time I use it. 

Not long ago I discovered essential oils and fell in love with them after trying out an essential oil diffusing necklace (read about it here). In my essential oil research, I came across Natural Flower Power, a site that sells natural household cleaners made with pure essential oils that are hypoallergenic and eco-friendly. Right up my alley. I was eager to try them and quickly placed an order. 

When my products arrived I was excited to try these cleaning products that were made with the essential oils I was beginning to love, and also something that would have a fresher scent than vinegar. My variety pack included 3-32 ounce bottles of Natural, All-Purpose Cleaners in Lavender, Lemongrass, and Citrus & Spice. 

 Since I recently received my Young Living Essential Oil Starter Kit in the mail, we’ve been enjoying lavender, so I was glad to have this oil for cleaning as well. I enjoy the Citrus & Pine as well, but my favorite scent by far is Lemongrass. 

While I love the scents, and the benefits of the oils, I’ve been impressed by how well the products clean. A few sprays go a long way, and my counters have shined like new just by simple wipe downs with the natural flower power products. The cleaners are quite cost effective as well. The variety 3-pack sells for $23.99 and is currently on sale for $19.99. Individual bottles are $7.99 each.   

Natural Flower Power also sells variety 3-packs of natural air freshers, made from the same essential oils as the cleaners, for $12.99, currently on sale for $10.99. 

Natural Flower Power currently sells products on their site and at their Etsy Shop as well. The company states that their passion is to create natural cleaning products and household goods that harness the power of essential oils and natural ingredients to preserve our health and care for the environment.

*Disclaimer: I was given complimentary cleaning products and air fresheners for review in exchange for this post. All opinions are honest and my own.