E.T. at the Symphony

As a kid my mom took my brother and I to see E.T. The Extra Terrestrial at the movie theatre. I was 2 years old at the time and don’t remember it, but there are pics to prove it! A few years later I remember watching the movie and loving it, and even having an E.T. doll. 

At some point we watched E.T with my son and again, I enjoyed it. Movies seem so different when you watch them as an adult. As a kid I identified with Elliot, and thought about how fun it would be to have an alien wander into my back yard. As an adult, I empathized with the loss Elliot felt when his friend had to leave him. 

When I learned that E.T. The Extra Terrestrial would be shown at the beautiful Majestic Theater, I jumped on the chance to make an evening of it with Xander. At The Majestic, the film’s score was performed live by the San Antonio Symphony in sync with the full feature film projected on a huge HD screen.  

My nephew joined us and I was glad the boys got to experience a night at the symphony, while watching a movie they enjoyed. 

We are excited for the February 19 and 20 screening of Raiders of the Lost Ark, with live score by the San Antonio Symphony. Click here for info and other performances coming to The Majestic.