How to Benefit From Your Oils All Day

Last month I posted about an essential oil diffusing locket that I’d been wearing. While I’m still enjoying the locket, I like to mix it up and have searched around for different styles of jewelry. While I’m currently on the lookout for bracelets, I did find a vial necklace that I couldn’t wait to share.  

Photo courtesy of earthinwirejewelry


Earthinwirejewelry creates oil diffusing vials that hold and diffuse essential oils or perfumes. According to their shop, the aroma gently diffuses through a tiny hole in the cap of the vial where the chain feeds through. The vials come in two different sizes and have inspirational words such as HOPE, BELIEVE, FAITH, etc. on them. The chain for the vial is quite long and, according to the shop’s owner, if desired can be cut shorter, and even attached to your purse strap, backpack, dog collar or key chain.

Photo courtesy of earthinwirejewelry

I’ve found my Earthinwirejewelry oil diffusing vial necklace to be a great addition to my beginning essential oil jewelry collection. It’s a great way to keep my Young Living Essential Oils closethroughout the day. 

Photo courtesy of Earthinwirejewelry

The Earthinwirejewelry shop specializes in essential oil diffuser jewelry and wire wrap jewelry, at reasonable prices. I have been wearing the larger vial necklace with the pink wrap that says “HOPE” and sells for $15. I also have the “only love” petite necklace with the blue wrap that sells for $13. Both necklaces can be purchased as a set here for $22. 

Aside from scent diffusing necklaces, Earthinwirejewelry also sells earrings, bracelets, and pendants. 

Earthinwirejewelry can be found on etsy here, or at

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