Teaching Toddlers About the Night Sky with My First Telescope

If you follow my blog, you’re probably aware that I’ve tried to gets my kiddos outdoors as much as possible. That’s getting more and more difficult in the Texas heat, so we’re now focusing on mornings and evenings. Whenever we go out in the evening, MJ immediately points to the sky and says”outer space” and talks about the stars and crescent moon.

I recently got MJ some binoculars for our days at the park, but since she’s become interested in the night sky, I thought she may be ready for a kid-friendly telescope. My searches for toddler telescopes were unsuccessful so we settled for Geo Safari Jr’s My First Telescope, recommended for ages 4-6. 

My First Telescope is neutral colored, is set on a short tripod, and includes a lens cover. It comes almost completely assembled in the box. My favorite part of the telescope is the soft eyepieces and nose cut-out guide, for perfect eye placement. It has 10x magnification with a wide field of vision. 

Now at $29.99, this is definitely a beginner telescope. It works well as a teaching tool for toddlers and young children, but older kids will need a telescope with more features and further viewing capabilities that’ll cost $100+. The tripod is very short, so you’ll more than likey need a tabletop to set it on. This was difficult when we went outside. We first set it on the ground and I was unable to look through it, even when sitting down, which made it hard to adjust. MJ had to sit completely on the ground, because even when kneeling she wasn’t able to look through the lens. 

Geo Safari Jr’s My First Telescope is great for gazing at the moon in the night sky. MJ enjoys looking up at “outer space” and the moon and stars, and I’m glad this is a durable, inexpensive, beginner telescope for her. We’ve also picked up a few books about the solar system, although at 2 1/2, I’m not pushing her to become an expert astronomer; I’m simply feeding her curiosity and encouraging her to explore. 

Disclaimer: I recieved this product in exchange for a review. Opinions are honest and my own.